After a very busy weekend on Olympus in addition to copious amounts of school work, my friends and I decided to spend a weekend in souther Greece. We booked our flights and airbnb packed our bags Thursday night and prepared to leave to the island of Crete on Friday afternoon. School flew by on Friday. After class finished we met at the hotel around 4:30 pm arrived at the airport around 5:30 and were on our 7pm flight to Crete. We arrived around 8pm in the city of Chania and hopped in a cab and made our way to our beautiful airbnb. It was the most perfect little blue house right on the water. We dropped off our bags and made our way to a restaurant on the water. There we spoke to locals, ate fresh seafood, drank delicious local wine, and enjoyed the sounds of the crashing waves. After we finished eating we ran to the convenient store by our house to get snacks and drinks for a little movie night.

We woke up pretty early Saturday morning and began to explore the city. We stumbled upon a market that had fresh fish caught earlier that morning, fragrant flowers, and fresh fruit.. After exploring the bustling  market we stumbled upon a cafe for breakfast where we ate fresh greek yogurt with local honey and fruit. Along with this we fed our caffeine addictions with our beloved Freddo Cappuccinos. Shortly after we made our way back to the house grabbed our beach bags and hopped on a bus to go to the beach. We spend most of the afternoon building sand castles, playing in the Mediterranean, and laughing together.  DSC00409.jpgWe took the last bus back to Chania got dressed to go to dinner. We ate right by the water again in the city center at a wonderful restaurant. Dinner lasted about 3 hours, and we even got free dessert. We decided to explore the city a little more after dinner. DSC00421.jpg

The next morning consisted of more exploration, shopping, and more fresh sea food. We said goodbye to the beautiful city of Chania late in the afternoon to head back to Thessaloniki. Although the island was very different from Thessaloniki we fell in love with another part of Greece.