Planes, Greek, Food, Oh My!

Today is the one week mark of my departure from America. The past days have been full of jet lag, excitement, Greek coffee, adventures, and a lot of feta cheese.  In sum, the past 7 days have been pretty amazing to say the least. The apprehension that once filled my mind about studying in Greece for three months has now been replaced by a new sense of confidence, independence, and eagerness for all I will experience in the coming months.

The adjustment has been surprisingly easy, a trip to Ikea and a few pictures had our small room feeling like home in no time. The area is easy to navigate  even though we can’t really read the Greek street signs. The Greek alphabet is exceptionally confusing though, but each day I learn new words and phrases from the locals and my professors. Wifi is shockingly slow, the shower kind of floods, and the buses were on strike all weekend but all of these things add just a bit more character to the beautiful city of Thessaloniki in my opinion.

Now that classes have begun my routine will be even easier to settle into.  My routine currently  centers around my morning run along the board walk before class and a hunt for the ice cream in the evening. And even though we already walk about 9 miles a day around the city, we always find an excuse to go for an evening walk along the stunning boardwalk. The days are long and hot, and my feet are exhausted when I fall into bed every night but I could not imagine myself anywhere else for my first semester of college. As my friends and I begin to plan trips in Greece and around Europe it is becoming very clear that our time here is limited. 12 weeks was once something that seemed like a very long time, but now that I am here I know that 12 weeks is really much too short.My eyes are truly being opened to all the world has to offer me. So heres to the coming weeks full of laughs, adventures, school, even more delicious Greek food, and the beautiful city that I am happy to call my new home.

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Views from the board walk on my daily run.